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A New Addition || Coconut

It’s been over a month since I found out about my sensitivities – the list of 41 foods that I can’t eat.  I’ll share parts of my list later on, but that is for another post!  Today I was able to add my first *sensitive* food back in to my diet, and it happened to be the one I needed most — coconut.  It seems like there are three main ingredients found in every. single. body. product. ever. Wheat/Gluten, Soy, and Coconut.  After realizing that I needed to avoid coconut for 1 month, I had to find new shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, and body lotion.  Even though every single product was a different brand, the search was actually fun!  There were several laughs while reading the labels because we found at least 3 sensitive ingredients in most products.  :)

Sensitivities need to be added in gradually and carefully, so I decided to make homemade coconut creamer!  If there are too many competing ingredients added in at once, it will be really hard to figure out what food still doesn’t agree with your body.  I made a basic creamer pouring 2/3 parts of coconut milk and 1/3 part maple syrup in a mason jar and then added a dash or two of vanilla.  It was soooo delicious in my creamy cinnamon spice tea!  (I’ll share the recipe next week)  Mason jars are my favorite way of making all of my salad dressings and creamers.  It’s so easy to just pour the ingredients in the jar, screw on the lid and shake – the bonus is that it’s ready for storing in the fridge without extra dishes.

IMG 5933 1 A New Addition || Coconut

Next week I will be able to add lettuce to my diet!  I’ve been craving thai lettuce wraps recently and I can’t wait until next Monday.


An Hour Wait

It seems like everything and everyone was running late today.  It started when I snoozed my alarm clock for over 30 minutes — never a good way to start the day! :)  Breakfast was made, morning chores completed, and before we knew it, it was almost time to go pick up our chicken and horse feed order.  We knew that we wouldn’t get back home in time to ride Cappie, so while I was starting a new batch of Kombucha, Lizzy ran down to start Cappie’s hour long routine.  After riding, showers, and rushing around trying to get ready, we were over 10 minutes late. Again.  Lizzy, Bingley and I took off down the road, rolled down the window to say “bye” to Cappie and were off.  About 20 minutes later we realized that I had left my cell phone at home.  There wasn’t enough time to turn around, so we shrugged our shoulders, turned up the radio and just drove on.

We arrived at the drop off location 15 minutes late and saw a 18 wheeler – but there was no one around.  So we waited again.  About an hour later we figured out that the 16 wheeler wasn’t the feed truck, and our order must have been delayed.  We drove a few minutes down the road to a friend’s house to use their phone and found out that the truck wouldn’t be in for another hour at the earliest.  *sigh*

A little while after we got home (it was dark by this time), we saw a truck coming down our drive.  A friend had brought us our chicken and horse feed!!  We are really excited about this order.  Since we cannot have soy or wheat, we are having to mix our own feed.  The order contained (all organic) field peas, cracked corn, rice bran and oats to mix for the chickens.  Cappie gets mainly organic cracked corn, as well as an organic horse feed mix.  She is very hyper when she eats oats, so we need to limit her intake!  :)  We are also trying a new natural de-wormer for Cappie.

To top off the day, we didn’t eat dinner until after 8:00pm.  I’m thinking that if I go to bed really early tonight, I *just might* start tomorrow on time. ;-)


Here’s my kombucha collection… I can’t wait to post some favorite flavorings!

IMG 5685 An Hour Wait



Meyer Lemons and Satsuma Oranges

Just a sampling of next week’s juice day!  We harvested some of our meyer lemons and satsuma oranges, and will be freezing the juice in ice cube trays.

IMG 5242 Meyer Lemons and Satsuma Oranges
IMG 5255 Meyer Lemons and Satsuma Oranges
IMG 5290 Meyer Lemons and Satsuma Oranges
IMG 5267 Meyer Lemons and Satsuma Oranges

IMG 5309 Meyer Lemons and Satsuma Oranges



Scrumptiously Savory || Roasted Butternut Squash

The best part of living on a farm is the ability to know exactly where our food comes from.  We love adding new fruits and veggies to our garden and orchard each year and try to grow most anything we would ever want!  My favorite part of our garden is the section with all the herbs.  Even though most of them are gone for the winter, there are a few plants remaining that we are still able to enjoy.  Cilantro has appeared out of nowhere from seeds that had fallen from the old plants that had bolted, dill keeps *trying* to stay alive through all the freezes, and my favorite (as of today) is the rosemary!  We were told that keeping rosemary alive through TN winters was very difficult, and the best thing to do was to plant it in pots and move it indoors during hard freezes.  Being from TX, we decided to plant the rosemary straight into the ground, cover it with row-cover during the really bad freezes, and just plain ol’ wait to see what happened.  I’m so happy to say that the plants are growing very well, and I was able to make today’s lunch with the freshest of fresh herbs.

IMG 5483 Scrumptiously Savory || Roasted Butternut Squash


We bought some butternut squash from a local farm at the farmers market and keep going back for more.  It’s soooo delicious!  We saved the seeds from the first few squash for planting next year, but now we are just giving all the scraps to the chickens – they love them.

IMG 5505 Scrumptiously Savory || Roasted Butternut Squash

It was so easy to make these.  All I did was cut the squash into “fry” sized pieces, sprinkle them with salt and finely chopped rosemary, and dollop the top with bacon fat.  (We purchase our bacon from a farm that raises their pigs on organic pumpkins, all the fresh grass they want, and then some oats.  They are completely soy and “all other grain” free – it is the best pork we have ever eaten!  When we fix bacon for breakfast, we let the grease cool down in the pan, and then pour it into a jar in the fridge to use in recipes like this.)  Then pop the dish into a 450* oven for 30-45 minutes.

IMG 5531 Scrumptiously Savory || Roasted Butternut Squash

The only change I am going to make next time is to make a triple batch – it was THAT good!


Goats and Duck Eggs || January Goals

We’re getting goats!!!

……… just not yet.

I found out that I’m sensitive to cow dairy, but can tolerate goat dairy.  So there is only one solution if I want to keep enjoying homemade ice cream, cheese, yogurt, kefir, and most of my favorite treats — GET NUBIAN GOATS!  But where do we even begin?  There are so many things to consider and learn.  What kind of fencing do we need?  How far away from the house will we build the milking shed?  And we need to learn how to actually milk the little things.  So, before we bring the adorable critters home, we need to do a lot of reading and hands-on training.  I can’t wait until we have fresh goat milk coming out of our ears!


What do y’all think?  Anybody have a book suggestion for raising dairy goats naturally?


January Goals:

  1. Garden: Plant Herb Starts!

  2. Something to Make: Herbal Cleaner  (from the Bulk Herb Store)

  3. Something to Read: Storey’s Guide to Raising Dairy Goats

  4. Animals: Get the Ducks to Start Laying Again – (it’s been 3 whole months since our last egg appeared)

  5. Recipe: Pumpkin Muffins



20120317 IMG 9134 Goats and Duck Eggs || January Goals

Come on ladies…. we could really use some more eggs – we only have 9 left!